Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Okay, so long time.. no read. I know, I'm horrible. I've found out I suck at all these no drama, low key scenes though.. I like me some action! haha. Well.. hope I still have some faithful readers somewhere out there...

Peydon's POV

After having to get out of our cab about 4 blocks away because of the traffic jam, we finally are closing in on the arena now. I was still a little skeptical about even coming to the game. We never missed a Penguins game we had tickets when we were back in Pittsburgh, and I knew that tonight definitely couldn't be an exception to that pattern, even though we were both sporting Blackhawks gear now and in Chicago. As we come up upon the players parking lot, I can't shake the feeling that I'm forgetting something.

"Mhmm, look who it is," Shelby says while nodding her head toward the parking lot we had just passed. I turn around, only to see none other than the one person I was trying to avoid tonight. He smiles that cocky little crooked smile of his, and waves before heading off toward the players entrance. I roll my eyes, turning my attention back to power walking to pick up our tickets, which makes Shelby laugh at me. "Oh come on, he's kinda cute," she continues while once again looking back at his lingering form.

"Cute my ass," I mumble sarcastically, which once again just makes her laugh. Somewhere in the time frame from after I met up with Shelby, I finally caught back up to reality. I don't know why I had such a difficult time trying to pick out something to wear, I have no one to impress.

We get our tickets and head inside to see where they are, which takes a long time due to all the people meandering around aimlessly inside the arena, waiting for something interesting to happen I'm sure. I look around at all the bubbly girls running around in Toews and Kane jerseys, accessorized with short skirts or skin tight jeans, and I can't help but think that even though we are probably around the same age, we are no where near anything alike. I look at their freshly curled hair and made up faces and feel slightly tacky standing here in my oversized jersey with my hair pulled halfway in a pony tail, the closest thing I can get to the real thing with how short it is now. Finally, I glance over at Shelby, who is dressed the exact same way as all the other girls around me.

"What?" she asks while we sit down in our seats.

"Nothing," I reply with a shrug of my shoulders. "I was just wondering when jerseys got traded in for tight fitting t-shirts," I add while waving my hand in the direction of her attire. Her eyes follow my movements, but a smile crosses her face, the type of smile that normally means shes up to no good.

"When getting these guys' attention became so much of a competition," she says with a laugh before looking at all the girls sitting in the stands, starring intently at the door the players should emerge from soon. As if on cue, the guys start filing out of the hallway and make their way to the ice. We sit in silence as we watch them start warm ups. "These are great seats," she continues, her flirty face automatically appearing when she sees Jon skate by. He looks up at her, nods his head with his little half smirk on his face before skating off.

"Mhmm," I agree. "Close enough to smell the sweat." She nods her head in agreement, and as I'm sitting there, I'm almost amazed at how I can't keep my eyes off of the undersized number 88 as he glides across the ice effortlessly. I follow him until he makes his way over to the bench, grabbing a gatorade bottle and squirting the yellow liquid into his mouth as his eyes meet with mine. He swallows, but not before a little runs down his chin, and I'm suddenly wishing I was close enough to wipe it off for him, but he reaches up and does it himself after taking a glove off, that little smirk that I love and hate crossing his face at the same time. His eyes bore into mine, making the butterflies in my stomach more frantic before he nods his head slightly, just as Jon had done, and skates away. When he's finally across the ice, I exhale a breath I didn't know I was holding and my senses come back to me. What the hell was that..?

Patrick's POV

As I'm skating around during warm ups, I can't help but watch her. I normally always look into the crowd, but just for kicks and giggles. Tonight I find myself glancing around looking for a particular pair of eyes. It's amusing how many girls, and that's what they are.. girls, bat their eye lashes at me or whisper to their friend when I glance their way. Or, and this one is my favorite, their eyes go wide and their jaw drops, and after I pass they jump up and down. Classic...

But not Peydon..

Even as we were taking the ice for the first time, she sat in her seat even while everyone else stood up to cheer us on. Instead of acting like we're the best thing that has happened to this town, she sits there with a satisfied look on her face, almost as if she's just taking this all in. Even when I scored on a break away, so still had the same little content look on her face, almost as if saying 'That doesn't impress me.. try harder.'

I continue to watch her throughout the game the same way that she is watching me. Anytime I catch her though, she gets the deer in the headlights look in her eyes and her cheeks blush the cutest shade of pink before she adverts her gaze somewhere else and I can't help but smirk before looking away as well.

After the final buzzer sounds signaling the game is over, I glance up at her one more time, only to find Shelby handing her the pass that will get her into the locker room. I watch as she shakes her head adamantly, obviously telling her friend no, but then she looks down at me and the coldness to her look now makes a shiver run down my spine. She rolls her eyes before ripping the pass from Shelby's hands and starts marching for the stairs. I can only shake my head at her. This one.. now she's feisty.


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