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This whole Kaner/cabbie thing is breaking my heart. :-( lol I'm hoping for Kaner to have some sort of press conference soon. Either way, his fault or not, I'll adore him all the same; I just need to hear what happened come from his mouth. One again, didn't proof read anything. Didn't have it in me tonight.. haha
Peydon's POV

"Where did those come from." I ask with an even tone while looking at the passes in Shelby's hands. The form of the sentence is a question, but I say it much more like a statement.

"Pat gave them to us to use along with the tickets. Come on, we gotta beat he crowd!" she says enthusiastically while trying to walk past me to get to the stairs, but I stay where I am, not moving an inch for her to get past me. She looks up at me, and it's then that she realizes I'm starring daggers at her. "Pey, seriously. This is my chance to meet Toews, are you going to ruin that for me?"

"I'm sure you're bff Pat can arrange for you to meet him some other time," I retort, cocking my head to the side just a little bit to let her know how irritated I am with her.

"Don't be so dramatic," she replies while rolling her eyes at me. "And besides, you and Pat are friends too, maybe even more." I narrow my eyes at her in response, but that just makes her smile more before she continues. "Don't think I didn't see the way you were undressing him with your eyes during the game. He seemed to be enjoying the view too." Without listening to her anymore, I rip my pass out of her hands and look down at the ice one last time to see the shit eating grin that makes me pissed as hell before stomping in the direction of the stairs, Shelby smiling as well behind me because she got her way; once again.

After finally finding our way down toward the locker room, we showed our passes and got in easily. We both stand timidly by the door; at least until Shelby spots her prey. She throws a wink over her shoulder in my direction as she walks over in Jon's direction, leaving me shaking my head and all by myself. I look around the room, looking for no one in particular, but being very surprised when I don't find a certain someone lingering around the room. I make my way in the direction away from the door, knowing I'm probably in the way standing there. I walk past Shelby, but she's too busy to even notice me; all her attention is on Jon, and his likewise. I head toward a chair on the far side of the room, sitting down in it even though I figure it's probably for media personnel of some kind.

"Burish?" I hear a name ask, a chuckle following afterwards. I turn to my left and see Patrick standing there, freshly showered as he gestures to my jersey. He walks past me and to the stall right by me. It's then that I see the words P. Kane above the stall, and I silently curse myself for not noticing that earlier.

"Tough guys need love too," I say with a shrug, trying to keep my answers simple. He laughs that boyish laugh of his in return, and as he raises his arms to pull a shirt over his head, I sneak a glance at his bare upper body and am quite shocked that it's much more muscular than I was anticipating. He catches me starring, and I think I'm surely going to die of humiliation. "Enjoying yourself?" he asks with a smug smile.

"If you're referring to the game, then yes. Now?" I ask, standing up, wishing I was taller than 5'2. "Not so much." I'm sizing him up when Shelby walks over to us. She looks at the way we are glaring at each other, and then shakes her head.

"Come on, we're going home to change and then going out," she says before tugging on my arm, not giving me a chance to respond. I glance back over my shoulder just in time to see Patrick shake his head while a smile tugs at the corners of his lips.

I follow silently as Shelby continues to pull me in Jon's direction, who is obviously waiting on us. I remain silent as we take a back way out of the arena, head toward the player's parking lot and then to a car that I can only assume is his. All three of us climb in, and I sit silently as he drives to our apartment. Only after we get out of the car and are on our way inside so I speak up.

"I'm not going," I say quietly as the elevator door closes behind us.

"Yes, you are," Shelby replies defiantly, but in an even tone.

"You can. I'll be fine, really. I'm just going to call it a night, maybe take a hot bath or something," I say with a shrug before stepping out of the elevator and walking into our apartment without another word. I head into my bedroom, dropping my stuff on my bed and walking over to my dresser to take my jewelry off. As I'm doing that, I know she's standing in my doorway, so I turn my head slightly but keep it pointed toward the floor, acknowledging she's there, but doing nothing more.

"I know Bryan hurt you," she says quietly while leaning on the door frame. "But you have to stop doing this to yourself sometime," she adds before turning around and leaving, going to get dressed to go out with Jon, no doubt.

Sighing to myself, I walk into my bathroom to wash my face before crawling into bed, but it's then that I catch a glimpse of my reflection. The bags under my eyes and dark circles are hidden with the proper application of make up, but I know they are there. It's been a while since everything happened, but I hardly sleep nonetheless. I know for a fact there isn't a single night that I've slept soundly. I pop my head out of the bathroom just in time to see Shelby walking by my room slowly, trying not to look at me but I know she is out of the corner of her eye.

"Give me 5 minutes," I mumble before heading toward my closet. She gets excited and follows me, helping me pick out my outfit.

After we arrive at the club, I follow silently as Jon makes his way toward the rest of his teammates, trying to hide behind Shelby. Introductions are preformed, but I still feel oddly strange around all of these guys. I sit at an empty table in the general area of the guys, and I can't help but notice Patrick staring at me from a table across from mine. Under age or not, he sits there and knocks a shot back, and I know that nobody in here has a problem with it. A waiter comes by, and I grab a drink, and then another, and then one more and sit them on my table as I see Patrick approach me. It could be a long night..

"Drowning your sorrows?" He asks while sitting down across from me.

"I could ask the same for you," I reply while gesturing to the drink in his hand. "Except I don't quite see what sorrows you have to drown. You won, played well," I say while shrugging my shoulders. "I'm not seeing the problem."

"I would explain, but we'd be here for a while," he says with a chuckle. No sooner than that has escaped his mouth, it's as if girls swarm the table, coming out of no where. I sit there for a little while, very uncomfortable before I can't take it any longer.

"Excuse me," I mumble softly before making my way through the pack of them. I look for Shelby, but find her and Jon getting along great so I know I can't crash their private party. My eyes continue to scan the room until they fall on the dance floor. With a sigh, I head in that direction, hoping dancing can at least take my mind off things.

I walk down the stairs and into the middle of the dance floor where I dance by myself, getting lost in the music. Well, okay that's not completely true. I almost get lost in the music, but I can't help but notice how Patrick is still staring at me, and oddly enough, I don't find it irritating. Maybe that's the alcohol talking, but I find myself shaking my ass almost as if to taunt him.

Just as I'm about to whip my head back in his direction, a very attractive guy approaches me and starts dancing. A smile crosses his face when he finds me dancing back, and then I smile in return.

I've been dancing with my mystery man for some time now when things get a little bit out of hand as I feel his grip tighten on me.

"Don't do that," I say politely as I bat his hand off of my behind. He smiles a drunken smile at me before stepping closer once again toying with the edge of my shirt. I push him away, but he doesn't seem to take the hint as he slams our hims together, his hand exploring up under my shirt and resting on the side of my stomach.

"I said don't do that," I yell at him before trying to push him away once again, but failing as he once again pulls me toward him. I know my eyes are getting wide as I start to look for an escape route, but coming up with nothing since I'm still in a state of shock. I feel a pair of hands clasp onto both sides of my arms, tugging me away from a now very irritated man standing in front of me.

"I think the lady made is clear she doesn't want you to do that," he almost barks while standing in between me and the mystery man. The guy opens his mouth to object, but just shuts his mouth and continues to stare at us both. "Come on, I'll take you home," he says in a nicer tone after turning toward me.

I had never been so glad to see Patrick Kane in my life.


  1. awwwww that was cuute!
    and it totally sucks about kaner :( it saddened me :( but i still adore him

  2. I still adore him as well*

    And this was a great update!
    Can't wait for more*

  3. Hopefully the whole cabbie thing was just a misunderstanding...or a product of too much alcohol.

    Cute story. :)

  4. I read somewhere that even the cab driver is saying that this thing is getting blown way out of proportion. I'm not passing judgment until I hear the details. I think that's the best thing to do. Plus, the Hawks are my western conference team, so I'd hate to see this affect the team.

    I loved the last line, and now I'm dying to see what happens between Pat and Pey!